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Mental Health


Mental Health is Important.

Physical and mental health are linked together.  Maintaining a certain level of physical activity and trying to be fit, has been shown to influence mental well-being in a positive way.   

Even 10 minutes of brisk walking can increase mental alertness, energy and give a positive mood.   

Your mental health can influence your physical health, both in a positve and negative way.  Patients often report that problems with their physical health has affected their ability to do the things they have previously enjoyed, which can leave them feeling low in mood.  The bottom line is that physical and mental health are equally important. 


My Emotional Health

Asking yourself the following questions can help you reflect on your current mental health 

  • During the last month have you been bothered by feeling down, depressed, or hopeless? 
  • During the last month have you been bothered by having little interest or pleasure in doing things? 
  • Do you feel nervous, anxious or on the edge? 
  • Do you feel unable to stop worrying? 


Local Help:

If you feel you need help with your emotional wellbeing please get in touch with your GP.  Additionally, the following website offers excellent support for the residents of the East Riding.

NHS East Riding Emotional Wellbeing Service

NHS Humber EWS Taking Care of Yourself Page


Additional Resources:

Mental Health Response Team (Crisis Service) - 01482 301701 

East Riding Partnership (Drugs and Alcohol) - 01482 344690 

NHS East Riding Emotional Wellbeing Service - 01482 335451

Samaritans Helpline - 116 123 

Information for Carers