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About Us

The CHCP East Riding Musculoskeletal service provides an outpatient physiotherapy service for adults and children aged 5 years and above who are registered with an East Riding GP.

There are lots of issues we assess and help manage which are found in the body parts sections of the website. We also see patients:

  • Following surgery, such as a knee replacement or shoulder operation
  • Following a fracture
  •  With arthritic joints, for example, osteoarthritis of the knee
  • With back or neck pain
  • With soft tissue conditions such as ankle sprain, tendinopathy and ‘frozen shoulder’

To access the service you must:

  • Be registered with an East Riding GP
  • Have a relevant musculoskeletal problem
  • Be aged 5 and over


What to expect

How will my appointment work?

Firstly, your physiotherapist will take the time to listen to your issues and problems, taking a full history, not just about the problem, but also your general health, medications, hobbies and interests, your sleep and how you are coping. So many of these can have a bearing on your problem and may need a plan to manage.

What’s next?

Your physiotherapist will ensure they have screened you for any issues we feel might need investigating further as they may not be problems we can help you with. These are sometimes called “Red Flags”. These can seem scary at first but by screening at the start we can direct you to the right person at the right time and make sure you are on the best pathway of care for you. Your physiotherapist will fully explain this when they talk to you. But don’t worry, these issues are very rare and we are fully trained to assess for them.

Will you need to do any tests?

We offer telephone, video, and face to face appointments so assessments can vary. If you are seen, you may need to undress slightly so we can see the areas we are assessing but this will be a shared decision between you and your therapist to ensure you are comfortable. If at any time you feel uncomfortable you can let us know. You can also ask for a chaperone when you book any face-to-face appointment.

Physiotherapy assessment is about seeing how you move, looking at any fears and patterns that have been caused by your problem, assessing your strength, function and ability to do the things you no longer can do because of your problem.

How will you know what’s wrong?

By receiving your history, and doing movement tests, we use our specialist knowledge to work out what’s wrong and discuss the next steps in your management plan.

Do I need a scan or X-ray to know what’s wrong?

For MSK issues, X-rays and scans are only used when:

  • Red flags are suspected and need ruling out
  • When it might change your management pathways; for example, if you needed surgery. 

If you need a scan or X-ray to help change your plan your physiotherapist will explain this and ask your GP to arrange it.

Ok, so we have all the information; what treatment will I get?

Once the assessment is completed your physiotherapist will explain the findings and discuss what options you have. This will help us work with you on a treatment plan using current guidance.

Your physiotherapy plan will include:

  1. Ruling out 'red flags'
  2. Identifying your problem
  3. Helping you understand more about your problem and what to expect from treatment
  4. Ways to manage problem movements and functions and help find ways to regain that movement or function.
  5. Ways to manage pain through various methods
  6. A rehabilitation plan, with an exercise plan for you to carry out at home over a set period of time. This can often be much longer than you think, with some issues taking 9 to 15 months to improve.

Does that mean you won’t be doing any physio on me?

This is a common myth regarding physiotherapy! Often doctors or consultants will say “I will send you for a bit of physio on that.” Physiotherapy is not a treatment, it’s the name of the profession and we are skilled at helping you regain function and movement.

For some conditions or issues, things like manual therapy can be used alongside the rest of your plan, but they often only have very short-term effects and are not any better at helping pain than heat, painkillers or self massage.

Do you do injections for pain?

Steroid injections can be used, but only for certain problems. We have very clear guidelines on what conditions injections can be used for and when to offer them. Injections have a number of side effects and you will need to be fully screened and assessed before they are even considered. Taking oral painkillers can be a much better option in most cases and your GP or pharmacist can discuss those options with you.  If your physiotherapist thinks an injection is an option for you, they will refer you to one of our specially trained Injection therapists. They will then complete an injection assessment with you and proceed if appropriate, once the risks and benefits have been discussed.

Is there anything you do not offer?

We do not offer the following:

  • Stand-alone injections without a physiotherapy management plan
  • Electrotherapy, such as ultrasound or machines
  • Acupuncture
  • Traction
  • Soft tissue massage

If you feel you want any of these, discuss them with your physiotherapist and they will ensure you have enough information to decide whether to seek these elsewhere.


You may have been asked to refer yourself for Physiotherapy but are unsure which service is best for you. Hopefully the information we have given helps you decide if the MSK service is right for you.

However, there are certain health conditions that the MSK service is unable to provide support for. This is because there are more specialist services available to you for these. To help guide you to the most appropriate service, we have listed them below:

Do you need a home visit, or a walking aid or equipment, or have had a stroke or struggling with other neurological issues?


or call 01482247111

Do you have respiratory or breathing problems from asthma or COPD?


or call 01482247111

Are you experiencing falls and need help with your mobility or confidence?


or call 01482247111

Have you issues with your pelvic floor, vaginal prolapse and are seeking help from the Bladder and Bowel service?


or call 01482247111

Have you got dizziness or vertigo?

We advise asking your GP to refer you to the specialist clinics in York or Hull.

ERCH- Jen was amazing - patient, calm and supporitve, gave me excellent advice that has enabled me to improve my mobility. I found that she listened and gave exercises that were highly appropriate. Excellent service and approachable.

May 2021

Andrew was very kind and understanding of my problem and offered good advice

May 2021

Excellent service from the physiotherapist Jennifer. She was very thorough and explained my problem very clearly to me which my GP had not fully
explained! She also referred to to the team who can deliver the treatment necessary with such speed that I was contacted by them later the same day
and have an appointment with them next week for treatment An truly excellent service, thank you.

November 2021

Excellent physio who examined me. Very knowledgeable, able to explain simply and made me feel at ease. She was very friendly and listened to my questions with interest. Pleased with my visit and no negative comments.

November 2021